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A Time to be Thankful

What a time to be thankful! As we approach the time of year where everyone reflects on the blessings we have, I can't help but feel so grateful for the blessings the Lord has given us. If you missed Wednesday night, you missed out! The Lord showed up in a sweet way, and it was just what we needed. I'm so thankful for our mid-week services. And, pretty soon, we will start the building process for our new fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms, which is super exciting! Also, here in the next few weeks, we will be baptizing some of our van children. It is amazing to be able to witness the blessings that God has for our church.

So here is an update on a few upcoming events happening at our church. First, we will be having a small fall festival for our church on Saturday, November 2nd. This will include a bonfire and a chili cookoff starting at 5PM. Anyone is welcome to join! We need participants for the chili cookoff, and we also need some volunteers to bring hot chocolate/drinks and ingredients for smores. We are looking forward to a wonderful time of fellowship!

Next, instead of having our Thanksgiving meal the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day, we will be having it the following Sunday, which is December 1st. We ask the women to bring a few dishes and rolls and we need volunteers to bring drinks. There will be a sign-up sheet at the church closer to the date.

Also, each Sunday we have been celebrating Pastor Appreciation Month by letting Brother Phillip know how much he is appreciated. If you haven't been able to show your appreciation to him yet, this coming Sunday will be a perfect time!

Have a great weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing you this coming Lord's Day! God Bless.



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